Official contest rules

Contest begins on may 25th

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Who can enter? 

All children living in Solano, 17 years old or under, are invited to participate.

Each child will be able to submit one entry to the contest. When they submit their entry form, they will be asked to select the city they live in or choose unincorporated Solano (for children who don’t identify with any of the seven incorporated cities). The entry will then be sorted and displayed online in the gallery for that city. To make the contest completely fair and to ensure that all children ( including those of city employees, can participate) the entries will be numbered rather than display the artist’s name.

What is the theme and format for entries? 

Each contestant can submit one original, two-dimensional image, which was created with traditional artistic mediums, i.e. paint, pen, pastel pencil, crayon, and so forth. No digital artwork or photography.  Note* Entries submitted of pirated images and any entry suspected of not being the original work of the person submitting it will not be accepted.*

Each submission must be composed vertically on paper or canvas no larger than 11x14 inches.






The submitted artwork should somehow depict or represents how the contestant’s city & community is standing up against Covid-19.  Contestants may choose to draw local heroes on the frontlines fighting against the virus, or safe practices, or representational images, as long as the imagery and general sentiment is positive and appropriate and supports community cooperation against Covid-19 . The submission must depict imagery which generally adheres to the contest theme. 

How can entries be submitted?

When the contest officially opens, entries may be submitted through the official form which will be accessible on this website.  Entries must be no larger than 15 megabytes and must be submitted in .jpeg or png. image format!!!  

Entries which are too large or are not in an image format will not go through when submitted through the submission form.

To use a phone to take a picture of artwork submission, we suggest using Microsoft's free app called Office Lens (copyright Microsoft) which takes pictures of  PDFs, documents and photos and allows the user to fix images which are crooked, were photographed at an angle, etc., before saving them.  (Links to apps at bottom of screen)


Submissions must be clear and not blurry to be accepted.  By submitting an entry, every contestant certifies that they are submitting their entry with the permission of a parent or guardian, the image they are submitting is their original creation, they live in Solano County, and that FS Kids Art Online as well as any participating government agencies have permission to post, replicate, and reproduce the image for promotional purposes related to the contest on the corresponding websites and across social media platforms.

How are the winning entries determined?

At the end of the submission deadline on June 25th,  the Mayor's office from each city will choose the winning entry from the submissions for that city, that best represents their city and community regarding the response to the pandemic. There will be eight winners total. One from each city, and one from unincorporated Solano.  The seven incorporated cities participating are; Dixon, Suisun, Fairfield, Vallejo, Benicia, Vacaville, & Rio Vista. Unincorporated Solano will include all areas outside of city boundaries. Contestants living in these areas have the option of choosing to submit their entry under  unincorporated Solano or a city listed above. Only one submission is allowed per contestant, regardless of which area it is submitted under.  Contestants who try to submit multiple entries into the contest, or submit into more than one of the city divisions will have all of their submissions removed and will not be allowed to compete in this or any future contests.


Note* It may be necessary for some of the winning entries to be rescanned and resubmitted to the contest administrator to ensure they are clearly represented on the final poster. In this event any winners with entries that fall into this category will be contacted by FS Kids Art Online.*

What are the prizes for the winning entries?

Every contestant with an accepted submission will have their artwork displayed in the gallery of the city or area they selected on their entry form.  The city galleries on the website will remain online for the rest of the year.  The eight winning contestants will have their artwork featured on the “Safe.Strong.Solano” poster, as the image representing the city or area which the contestant submitted under and which the city selected as their winner.  The poster will be displayed throughout the county in prominent public buildings to be determined by each city.  In addition to having their artwork represent their city, each winner will also receive a $50 visa gift card, a certificate of award, and a rosette ribbon to commemorate their achievement.

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