Solano county's history

How well do you know Solano County's History?

Test your knowledge and take our quiz below!

Answers are at the bottom of the page after the history resources links. 

1. Which of these towns were last

to incorporate into a city?

2. Which two towns were once the state Capitals of California?

3. Before the railroads, how did most people and goods travel to Solano?

4. Which often overlooked minority group was indispensable to Solano Agriculture in the late 1800s to early 1900's?

5. Which Solano city had the first established American military post?

6. Which of these towns did not once exist in Solano County?

7. The introduction of the railroad changed the Solano farming focus from grain to what?


8. In the 1850's what precious cargo was transported from Sacramento to S.F. by way of Solano waterways?

9. A statue commemorating which war's casualties was installed in front of the Solano county courthouse in 1920?

10. What tribal group was Chief Solano a member of?

11. Which president visited Solano and gave a speech from a train car

12. What epidemic was responsible for wiping out most of Solano's native population


13. In what year did Solano officially become a county?

14. Two natural disasters hit Solano County in the 1800's, predating the event that hit S.F. in 1906. What were they?

15. Travel in early Solano was dangerous. This type of disaster was famous for lives lost in Solano during the second half of the 1800's

Solano County History Museums, Societies & Resources

Solano County has many incredible history resources with abundant information, images, and articles describing the cities, industries, & people who made Solano the remarkable place it is today. Often these wonderful resources are created by volunteers who donate countless hours of their time to make this history and these resources available to the public. FS Kids Art Online thanks these amazing people for their hard work and devotion to remebering the past and sharing it with the future.


Most of the links below have information and images which can be accessed online! 


Solano History


Solano County Historical Society 


Solano History Center

Solano Articles

Solano History

Solano County Genealogical Society

Solano Military History

Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum 



Travis Heritage Center


Mare Island Museum

Dixon History


Dixon Historical Society


 Vacaville History


Vacaville Museum

Vacaville Heritage Council

Pena Adobe Historical Society


 Benicia History


Benicia Historical Society

Benicia Historical Museum


Benicia Historical Museum Online Articles & Collections

Benicia Fire Museum


 Rio Vista History


Rio Vista Historical Society

Dutra Museum of Dredging


Answers To Quiz

1. Fairifeld  2.  Vallejo & Benicia  3.  On Boats & Ships  4.  Chinese  5.  Benicia  6.  Unionville  7.  Fruit  8.  Gold 

9.  World War 1  10.  Suisunes  11.  John F Kennedy  12.  Small Pox  13.  1850  14.  Earthquakes  15.  Steamship Explosions

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