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Entries which are too large or are not in an image format will not go through when submitted through the submission form. Submissions must be clear and visible to be accepted.

To use a phone to take a picture of artwork submission, we suggest using Microsoft's free app called Office Lens (copyright Microsoft) which takes pictures of  PDFs, documents and photos and allows the user to fix images which are crooked, were photographed at an angle, etc., before saving them.  

By submitting an entry the contestant certifies;

  • They are entering the contest with the knowledge and permission of a parent or guardian.

  • The image they are submitting is their original artwork.

  • The contestant lives in Solano County.

  • FS Kids Art Online and collaborating government agencies have permission to post, replicate, and reproduce the image for promotional purposes related to the contest on the FS Kids Art Online website & social media pages,  and on the Solano County and participating city agency websites and across social media platforms.

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